a revolution in Visitor Management has begun

Qwkin is a free app for residents and guests that helps condo management companies streamline the visitor check-in system  to  improve security, remove wait times at the front gate, and reduce staffing costs

Optimize your Visitor Management Process Today!

what is Qwkin? Why do i need It?

Qwkin is about to turn a new page in visitor management technology.  At Qwkin, we’ve developed technology to resolve some of the most common and frustrating problems we’ve witnessed, Guest and Visitor management.

Reduce Costs

Check-in at the front gate can become a breeze when your front gate staff can trade out paper records for a smart phone. The app automatically processes any visitor who has been invited securely and with maximum efficiency, allowing your gate line to be practically eliminated. Staffing costs can be reduced, and roles merged when most of the check-in process is managed by technology. 

Know Your Visitors

Residents can use the app to view and keep records of all visitors to their properties and amenities. For those worried about an elder parent or family member who lives alone, Qwkin allows real-time notifications.  The ability to send invitations through the app makes it easy for distant family to manage contractors and visitors and gives peace of mind.

Off-Site Pre-Registration

Your residents can send an invite to any visitor, guest or contractor, weeks or even months before an appointment. Visitors can pre-register off-site, allowing them to check-in with one swipe of their ID.


Our app quickly, automatically and accurately extracts data from a visitor’s government issued IDs and Vehicle License Plate. A gate guard or frontdesk can confirm the name and visually identify a visitor based on their ID. 

Optimize your Visitor Management Process Today!

how hard is Qwkin to use?

If you can turn on your smart phone, Qwkin is for you! See how it works:

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